NEW MUSIC: B.o.B- “Xantastic” Feat. Young Thug

B.o.B collaborated with Young Thug to release his new track “Xantastic”. B.o.B- “Xantastic” Feat. Young Thug. New music from his upcoming album titled “Ether,” which will debut independently May 12.

Fans anticipated work by B.o.B for quite some time as a result of his absence in the music scene. The last album he released was Underground Luxury in 2013. The marijuana enthusiast was recently the center of controversy after his claim that the earth is flat went viral.

He justified his viewpoint in a diss track towards Tyson titled “Flatline.” B.o.B used this track to go further into detail about how a Jewish conspiracy leads the US Government. Furthermore, he invited his fans to do their research on Holocaust denier, David Irving. He left it up to his fans to do it on their own.

The anti-defamation league caught wind of the statements mentioned in the track and flagged it as antisemitic.

B.o.B- "Xantastic" Feat. Young Thug
B.o.B- “Xantastic” Feat. Young Thug

The rapper brushed that controversy off moving forward with his new track containing a dreamy hook and beats to match. Most importantly, the song would be incomplete without Young Thug’s ad-libs. Fans have already been receptive to the new song because of its catchy sound.

B.o.B is a vet in the game and premised his whole rap career in doing his own thing. His type of genre reflects the notion that boundaries do no exist in his world. It doesn’t take a genius to know that B.o.B is beyond the mainstream music industry and nothing will prevent him from bringing more heat.

Listeners may not agree with the substance of his writing but after all, who are fans to judge an artist? Political correctness is not enough to deter B.o.B from further controversial statements. He created his music on individuality and we anticipate more greatness to come, be sure to stay tuned for his new music!


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