NEW MIXTAPE: “Cinco de Mihyo”- Jeremih

Many of us aren’t a stranger to his music and want to hear more of him. Jeremih released five track new mixtape: Cinco de Mihyo over the alcohol-packed weekend. He introduced Spanish influence throughout his tape in which he commemorates the Mexican victory of Puebla and pays homage to the culture. Some of the tracks listed were in Spanish and also had Spanish references.

Jeremiah has been quiet the last few years! The music genius did not accidentally arrive at the music scene. Born into a music family, he taught himself how to play saxophone, bass drum, cymbals, quads, several percussion instruments in addition to mastering his vocal talent. He cited his Ray Charles as one of his biggest influences and even performed a tribute to him in college. It was at this point where he received positive feedback for his work and decided to invest himself entirely in music.

He had this to say about the release: “I was inspired by the holiday and put this project together in the last 24 hours. I walked in the studio and my producer BongoByTheWay was playing some guitar vibes. After a few shots of tequila and some good company, I decided to do something different for my fans.”

NEW MIXTAPE: "Cinco de Mihyo"- Jeremih

The Cinco de Mihyo debut comes after a collaborative mixtape he did with Chance the Rapper titled: Merry Christmas Lil mama. The next project called Later That Night is currently underway. The Chicago artist remains consistent in delivering fans catchy tunes and hooks. Furthermore, he also wrote music for Niki Minaj and Kanye West!

The artist is famously known for the hit Birthday Sex has a feel for what it means to be a vet in the game and continues to improve upon his music.

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