MUSIC FESTIVAL – Life is Beautiful – 9/22-9/25 2017

The heart of downtown Las Vegas has changed dramatically over the last five years. A Street called Fremont, the second most known street in Vegas- experienced a business renaissance over the last years. Coffee shops, bars, stores, and restaurants were brought back to life with the introduction of modern design and artwork. And in comes the MUSIC FESTIVAL – Life is Beautiful !

It was this revival that brought into fruition the movement that would soon translate into a three-day event that would host musicians, highly prominent speakers, and display street murals by well known artists.

After debuting in 2013, Life is Beautiful has consistently brought diversity in every way imaginable to a city reborn. The Life is Beautiful campaign has since then developed into a symbolic effort to unify by bringing together common interests as one. The festival covers 18 blocks of Las Vegas spirit and sheds light into the cultural expansion occurring.

MUSIC FESTIVAL - Life is Beautiful - Lineup
MUSIC FESTIVAL – Life is Beautiful

MUSIC FESTIVAL – Life is Beautiful

Each year brings new talent, more attendees, and more revenue to the community. Just last year, the festival attracted more than 137,000 attendees and generated approximately 43.6 million in economic value.

Last year, living legend Kendrick Lamar had an incredible performance, and this year big hip-hop names in attendance include 2 Chainz, Chance the Rapper, Vince Staples, Schoolboy Q, Wiz Khalifa and De La Soul! Every year this festival garners more attendees for their ability to synergize the bigger picture of entertainment: bringing everything together.

As a society, we often get caught up in the mundane, go to work, check social media, and repeat. Life is Beautiful is the perfect opportunity to meet real people, enjoy delicious food, learn something new, as well as appreciate phenomenal music and art. From the moment you enter the vicinity, the ambiance will bring you to your happy place.

Life is Beautiful Music Festival

MUSIC FESTIVAL – Life is Beautiful

The event will take place on September 22nd starting at 2 pm, until September 25 AM PDT. Early bird tickets go on sale on Thursday the 29th and will be able to be purchased on their site. Don’t wait until the last minute and support your favorite musical and street artists!


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