NEW MUSIC: “Word Around Town”- Dom Kennedy

It has been a long time since we heard any music coming from Dom Kennedy. The veteran hip-hop west coast artist known for his intelligent lyricism is back with a new track Word Around Town. Since releasing mixtapes since 2008, Dom Kennedy has solidified his pedigree as a prominent hip hop artist.

The entrepreneurial element of Kennedy is what most people don’t know about him and is what keeps him busy in between albums. When Dom was figuring out what to do in life following high school, he decided to major in Business Management at Santa Monica College.

Practicing business allowed him to independently manage and produce his music without conforming to corporate labels. Dom Kennedy heavily criticized Flashmaster Flex in a track titled “The Homies” for saying “Tupac ain’t shit” in 2011. Kennedy never shies away from telling it how it is and we can attribute that to his success.

"Word Around Town" Dom Kennedy

Major record label companies have been proactive in reaching out to Kennedy about a signing deal, but he has remained independent. At this latter part of his career, we can remain optimistic that he will continue to give us music straight from the source. Remaining independent has allowed him to stay consistent in his messaging even if it means a lower payout.

The last work Kennedy released was in 2016 and was titled Los Angeles Is Not for Sale, Vol. 1. It is still unclear whether or not Dom Kennedy will be releasing a new album.

Dom Kennedy will continue to be well-respected and popular because of is his authentic west coast sound. His ability to relate to everyday life and struggles is what really catches people’s attention. Moreover, the beats are easy to vibe with especially on a beautiful sunny day. The debut of Word Around Town, another successful hit by Dom!




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